The NSBG Science Team Advantage
The NSBG Science Team consists of highly experienced pharmaceutical technology specialists with in-depth knowledge of the possibilities, limitations and restrictions of both the contemporary pharma and cannabis industries. The NSBG Science Team also stays current on latest drug (including cannabinoids) delivery trends and products.
The NSBG Science Team has an excellent pharmacological understanding of processes in the living body and the effect of drugs (including cannabinoids) on these biological processes. This allows NSBG to significantly accelerate innovative approaches for the development of effective, targeted and safe formulations and drug delivery systems. The formulation development usually starts from feasibility study, followed by laboratory scale-up process development. If required, pilot, pivotal and full scale manufacturing process can be developed. The NSBG Science Team maintains the highest scientific level when it comes to formulation, manufacturing and technology transfer.
NSBG’s Science Team aims to get a head start on R&D, including product development and optimization, and is working industriously to meet the high market demand to get ahead of the curve in anticipation for the expansion of a product line (i.e. edibles, topicals, beverages, concentrates and other cannabis products) which will be available to consumers (Fall 2019) under the Cannabis Act.
NSBG’s proprietary technologies can be effectively employed for preparation of highly absorbable formulations containing cannabinoids, which are greatly suitable for oral, topical and transdermal administration in different dosage forms – liquids, tablets, capsules, creams, gels, lotions, etc.
NSBG's Science Team is both familiar and knowledgeable with most major global regulations (medical and recreational) governing various cannabis industries. Understanding applicable regulations ensures that NSBG only develops products that are permissible within the target market (i.e. province, state, country etc.). The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and NSBG is committed on staying current on all applicable regulations.
Benefits and differentiation factors of NSBG’s Nanotechnology vs. other Technologies
Most of NSBG’s developed technologies are based on the incorporation of biologically active compounds into colloidal delivery systems, where drug loaded particles have extremely small dimensions, measured by nanometers (nm) – usually from 10 to 300 nm. This means that the particles are 20-400 times smaller than red blood cells and roughly 1000-3000 times smaller than the diameter of human hair. Such miniscule particles are usually absorbed very fast inside the gastro-intestinal tract when swallowed. They effectively penetrate between the cells (paracellular way) and through the cells (intracellular way). After absorption, the drug (which is included within delivery system) is transported into the body protected by material of the particles.
Incorporation of biologically active compounds into colloidal delivery systems (nanoemulsion, liposomes, nanoparticles) in most cases increases absorption several folds, especially when the component is poorly water soluble. Use of colloidal delivery systems also allows for taste masking, targeted delivery and improved stability of the product.
NSBG technologies are also based on pharmaceutically approved components that are safe and well investigated. The preparation process is robust, reproducible and scalable. Additionally, NSBG’s technologies do not use uncommon and complex equipment, making the manufacturing process suitable for most contract and outsourced manufacturers.
NSBG technology is especially suited for cannabis-based products. (i.e. better predictability, dosing and formulation control)
Most cannabinoids that determine the biological activity of cannabis are highly hydrophobic compounds, which are insoluble in water and typically reasonably soluble in oils. NSBG’s technologies allow for the development of the appropriate composition of the oil phase for emulsion or suitable combination of components for micellar system providing high loading, excellent stability and outstanding performance in the body. The technologies can be applied for natural products, dietary supplements, food, beverages and for pharmaceutical or cosmeceutical preparations, creams, ointments and lotions.
How NSBG Technology Works
Active component (THC, CBD, combination of cannabinoids cannabis extracts) are completely dissolved in an appropriate blend of physiologically acceptable lipid components, surfactants, cosurfactants and solvents. The prepared solution at predetermined temperature is combined with the water phase, spontaneously forming a nanoemulsion with droplets size of 10-300 nm, and the active component remains dissolved in the oil phase of these miniscule droplets.
Due to the extremely small size, this colloidal system has excellent physical stability, and drug loaded particles that penetrate either through gaps between cells or by endocytosis (cellular uptake), supporting fast penetration and complete absorption.