NSBG Products
Most cannabis edibles such as chocolate bars, cookies and other types of ingestible and beverage products have long and unpredictable onset times.
To solve the problem of onset time, all Northern Spirits Biosciences Group’s cannabis edible and beverage products are based on real science and developed using Northern Spirits Biosciences Group’s patent pending Super Fine Emulsion (SFE)® cannabinoid delivery method, which incorporates biologically active compounds into colloidal delivery systems, where drug loaded particles have extremely small dimensions, measured by nanometers (nm). This allows the active ingredients to evenly disperse in the edible and beverage and absorb into the bloodstream much faster providing users with more accurate, quicker, safer, efficient and predictable effects.
710 North® Product Line
Cannabis Shots
Northern Spirits Biosciences Group’s “patent pending” cannabis shots are scientifically formulated to achieve fast, consistent and long lasting desired effects (i.e. uplift, relax, focus, relief, etc.). They provide users with an innovative low calorie beverage alternative to inconsistent traditional ingestible cannabis products, and are available in many different flavors.
Northern Spirits Biosciences Group’s CBD & THC creams and balms are easy to apply, fast acting and users will not experience psychoactive effects typically associated with THC.
In comparison to other forms of consumption, Northern Spirits Biosciences Group’s CBD & THC cannabis capsules allow for a discreet, faster, more accurate and efficient delivery method.
Vape Pens
Northern Spirits Biosciences Group’s exceptionally potent vape pens are filled with highly concentrated CO2 extracted cannabis oil and are free of solvents, thinners and fillers.
Cannabis Oil
All Northern Spirits Biosciences Group’s cannabis oil products are produced using extremely safe CO2 extraction methods and can be administered discreetly by applying directly under the tongue straight from the included applicator.
White Label Solutions & Products
NSBG is leveraging its proprietary technology to partner with existing LPs and non-LP companies from various industries (i.e. confectionary, beverages, baked goods, health and beauty etc.) to provide a wide range of white label solutions, including the formulation, processing and packaging of high-grade cannabis products.

Note: NSBG can license our Super Fine Emulsion (SFE)® cannabinoid delivery method to develop cannabis infused products for any existing non-cannabis product line allowing any brand to enter the cannabis market quickly and at much lower entry cost.
NSBG has longer term goals of developing cannabis-based medicine, pursuing the approval of Health Canada and FDA for drugs with specific indications utilizing CBD as the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions.